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What is Chrysallis Code coaching?


CHRYSALLIS CODE coaching is about weight loss that is facilitated not by a new diet, but rather thru a deep awareness and understanding of what created your weight issues. In other words, WHAT GOT YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?  

As an Eating Psychology Coach, I have discovered and purport that there are 4 critical PHASES or KEYS in your life that created and established a "weight centered" life experience. These keys are the authentic answer to why you always struggle and can't ever seem to win. Hint: It's SO not about dieting.

These 4 keys are what I have termed "The Chrysallis Code." The work here is simply to find your personal code. It is the heart of this weight loss practice and offers you a new critical pathway of thought to understanding how your mind created this real-life struggle with your body and your weight. And then changing it for good.

Chrysalis:  The universal symbol of change and  transformation.  Code:  A hidden set of information that is the key to solving a problem. 


In the same way that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly by going into the cocoon of a chrysalis, there is a way to truly change yourself, and go in there and take back your life. 

"You hold the keys to your own healing." Martha Beck

This work will fast track you through my 43 years of struggle and research to undercover and transform my own deep-seated weight/life issues. For further information, click on the "Talk With Me" link.  Begin a validating, personalized journey where you can stop endlessly "trying to lose weight."  Here you can actually lose the weight and save the rest of your life from being centered around it. 

Look forward to serving, with love,

Melissa R. Furbish

The Chrysallis Code

Certified Weight Loss & 

Eating Psychology Practitioner



With this work, you can get your weight struggle to become a part of your past. Transformation is at your fingertips. Call today.

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